Welcome to my blog. My name is Martin Kutny, I am a software developer from Bratislava, Slovakia. I will be writing about my professional and personal interests — which perhaps not surprisingly are both revolving around software engineering.

In my profession, I’ve seen many projects from start to finish. I’ve worked in varied industries and in companies of all sizes. I’ve been lucky to be involved in all stages of software product development, from idea to deployment, from production to operations. It has been a great learning experience to observe how seemingly simple decisions affect and shape the product later. And not just engineering decisions, but also things like HR strategy, corporate culture, team structuring and even layout of the offices. These are all inevitably going to be imprinted in the end product.

Tech-wise, I’ve done a lot of embedded and cross-platform development, from UI to device and hardware integration. My go-to language here is C++, sometimes C and the Qt Framework. On the backend, I don’t shy away from Java. I like when software is designed with purpose and efficiency in mind. However, coding is just a small part of my work. Software architecture and application design are important too. The most important thing however, is to ensure that you and your team are on the same page.

In my spare time, I did a bit of graphics and game programming, even created a 3D engine once. Based on that experience, I have now a great appreciation of how much ingenuity and hard work goes into computer games. Lately, I’ve been dabbling into algorithmic trading and DMA.

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