Ditching Facebook, moving to Twitter

A month ago, I had an interesting talk with my friend who refused to join Facebook or any other “social” media for that matter. In fact, I have a couple of friends outside any virtual friendship circles, but they are certainly a tiny minority. Until then, I was a devoted fan of FB (previously Orkut, Unister, Tagged and maybe some more), having a fairly large network of “friends”, being tagged on many photos, checking other people’s status many times every day. Perhaps, you could even say, I suffered a slight addiction.

My friend convinced me, that with FB I get no real value added to my life. On the contrary, I got:

  • a network of people (contacts), I don’t really care about,
  • my time consumed by constantly reading and watching pointless content posted by all those people,
  • irrational fear of losing touch with people, with whom I would not want to get in touch anyway,
  • fear of posting really interesting personal stuff, because the whole thing got too public.

I came to the resolution to close my FB account. Finally, it was the ‘waste of time for nothing in return’ argument that convinced me. After all, I consider myself somewhat a follower of zen principles, not in the religious sense, but more in the ‘gain by losing’ sense. As a result, I got a lot less distracted over the day and a lot more focused on important things.

I don’t want to only bash FB and such media. There is a great and proven marketing and promotional potential in there. I can also see the appeal to teenagers. But for a grown up guy who is not selling anything, there is little to none to gain. However, as a starting freelance IT pro I felt that I should maintain my online visibility. I’ve had my LinkedIn profile for a while, later added a blog and a personal web/portfolio page. The blog (even with my sparse posting habits) proved to be useful for starting a conversation about some of my side projects. Most recently, I opened a Twitter account. So far, I have found this combination of internet tools powerful, yet not obtrusive, only serving me when I have something to say.

So what shall I be tweeting about? I guess, like most of the people, semi-random short thoughts. I ike to share them when I learn something interesting and eye-opening, mainly from the area of my expertise: software engineering, coding practices, C++, graphics programming and lately the Qt framework. I will also tweet about project updates, like the QOF for Visual Studio and possibly others. I really like the 140 character limit, because it makes you think twice before you post.

What do you think; does FB (or Google+ or any other) give you something that is worth the while?


One thought on “Ditching Facebook, moving to Twitter

  1. Nice post, there is nothing to disagree with really. However, I’m not quitting FB now. Maybe because I do not use it very much really (I didn’t see much value in FB for me from the very beginning except of having contact with some people I could hardly reach).

    Sometimes all these new technology advancements take us too much time. I think because sometimes because they are not mature yet, sometimes we are not mature to use them and sometimes they are simply just a hype, a bubble. I remember when I started using RSS feeds regularly, I downloaded even a desktop client (there was no Google Reader yet) only to find out that I was spending too much time digging through all those RSS feeds that supposed to make me more productive! Then I simply stopped using them, freeing myself of unnecessary information clutter. How much happier person I’ve been since then! :)

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