Quick Open File for Visual Studio – minor update

I found out that people come to my homepage mainly to download the Quick Open File for Visual Studio 2008 plugin. In fact there have been over 700 downloads since April-2009, when I first released it. This makes me quite happy because I’ve finally created something people find useful :)

As the name suggests, it’s a little utility for Visual Studio 2008 that allows you to find and open any file anywhere in the solution, no matter how deeply buried in the project structure. You just press Ctrl+K, Ctrl+O (of course, you can customize the shortcut key), type a few letters from the file name and hit Enter. And voila, your file is on the screen.

Quick Open File plugin window.

Today I released version 1.1 which adds the option to open the selected file in any other associated editor. The behavior is as follows:

  • Pressing Enter will open the selected file in the default editor Visual Studio has associated with the file type.
  • Pressing Shift+Enter will open the “Open With” dialog first where you can select in which editor to open the file.

You can find the new version of the plugin at Visual Studio Gallery, or directly at my site.

7 thoughts on “Quick Open File for Visual Studio – minor update

  1. martin.kutny Post author

    Hi Jack. I have yet to download and try VS 2010 beta. If the beta contains Visual Studio SDK, porting this tool shouldn’t be a problem. I shall look into it sometime next week.

  2. Jack

    Thanks, Martin. I never realized how valuable this plugin was until I upgraded to VS 2010 and now I have to hunt through the file tree manually.

  3. Dan McCarty

    I realize that I’m rather late to the post so I hope I get a response, but I wanted to note that while I find the idea of this plugin extremely useful, in practice it’s too frustrating to be of much use on a large codebase.

    We have about 2,500 files in our codebase and on a decently fast development machine when I try to get to a file I can about 10 seconds between keypresses while Quick Open repopulates the file list.

    I would suggest either improving the search algorithm, caching the filenames in between searches, a timer-based wait till after the user has entered a few letters, or a combination of the above.

    Your plugin is a great idea; hopefully it can be improved for those of us who work on larger-sized codebases.

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